Classic DJ Mix Tape Dubs

Heres a bunch of ace HipHop, Rap & Jungle DJ mix's.

Recently discovered a long lost / forgotten box of old cassette tapes
at Fiendish Studio from 1998 to 2001,
as an enjoyable side project I spent some spare time
from late December 2019 to mid March 2020
recording them into Pro Tools at Fiendish Studio
& editing / mastering them to share here on! Dig.

Over 5 hours of amazing mix's from -
Scratch Perverts, DJ PrimeCuts, DJ Craze, DJ Skribble,
Sway & Tech, DJ Revolution, Westwood, Fabio, Nicky Blackmarket & more

Going out to all those who remember
& all those who love old school classic, golden age Hiphop & rap!

Enjoy & stay safe

F. 1

[Watch out for new & old Fiendish DJ mixs
from the Fiendish Archives coming exclusively to soon!]

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