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22 Years of FIENDISH DJing in 2022

With a strong passion for Hiphop scratch DJing, battling & turntablism, dozens of hours of recorded mixtapes, MP3 mix's, podcasts & shows in the FIENDISH archives (to be posted here throughout 2022 to celebrate #22YearsOfFIENDISH & 22 years of FIENDISH DJing (2000 - 2022).

From battle sets when entering the DMC Technics World DJ Championships UK heats in the spring of 2003, twice, to Live shows on Sheffield LIVE FM radio at 1AM & also rocking crowds at shows across the UK alongside some of the underground DJ worlds finest.

FIENDISH DJ sets are sure to get the people buzzing! & LIVE sets and streams + new mix shows are coming to the world in 2022!

FIENDISH rocking the decks at Technics DMC UK Championships heats in 2003! 

A few FIENDISH DJ highlights so far include..

Entered DMC UK championship twice in 2003 in Liverpool & Derby
Played action packed scratch, turntablist, mashup sets LIVE in London, Sheffield, Liverpool, Derby, Leeds, Barnsley, Wakefield & Somerset!
Supported DJ Krafts Kutz, Mark B & Blade, Strictly Kev (DJ Food), DJ Format, DJ Kentaro

A few inspirational fellow DJ's over the years include -

Mixmaster Mike & DJ QBert, ISP, DJ Prime Cuts, DJ Mr Thing, Scratch Perverts, Mr Dibbs, Coldcut, Liam Howlett (The Prodigy), John Peel, Mary Anne Hobbs, Double Dee & Steinski, DJ Rap, DJ Supreme, DJ Shadow, Cut Chemist, DJ Sarah Love, DJ Time, DJ Moonmonkey, DJ Nutzo, DJ Dempsey, DJ Divine, DJ Tunni, Sister Bliss, DJ Skribble, DJ Craze, DJ WaxFactor, DJ Fig, DJ Vadim, MK, Fabio, Nicky Blackmarket, Funkmaster Flex, DJ Semtex, DJ Red Alert & many more!

FIENDISH - Into Space Mix

Take a trip with FIENDISH Into Space...
Featuring interstellar songs from Hov, Bomb the Bass, Money Mark, DJ Spinna, War of the worlds, Madlib, Marvin Gaye, George Kranz & more!

Recorded in 2004 at FIENDISH DJ Lab aka Ground Control.

Edited & Remastered by R G Taylor at Fiendish Studio 2021/2022.

Coming in 2022!

Watch out for past sets from the FIENDISH archives posted here soon ++ a brand new series of LIVE streams AV + audio mix shows & routines available here first (some will be exclusives only for highly valued members of 'FIENDISH TROOP')! + a gallery featuring images from FIENDISH UK DMCs 2003 & past show flyers!

FIENDISH LIVE DJ & AV shows in 2022!

+ LIVE shows will be announced with plans for shows across the UK & worldwide!

For DJ bookings, a form will be added here shortly + check

Follow FIENDISH on various social platforms @fiendish2020 + fiendishvision to get the latest on FIENDISH music, art, shop, live streams, NFT drops including -

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