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FIENDISH Phonograffiti X NFT

FIENDISH Phonograffiti X NFT

The first ever FIENDISH NFT is here!

In early December 2021 a PFP NFT was designed here at Fiendish Studio using the Distrokid Sellouts character generator.

FIENDISH x Distrokid x Nifty Gateway

On December 15th 2021 that character holding the cover artwork for the FIENDISH compilation album 'Phonograffiti X' was chosen to be minted by Distrokid in collaboration with Nifty Gateway!

Props to Distrokid & Nifty Gateway!

FIENDISH - Phonograffiti X x Distrokid Sellouts NFT on Nifty Gateway!


The FIENDISH PGX NFT (distrokid sellouts PFP #9700) is currently owned by one Tony Restuccia (Thanks/Bigup Tony!)

You can checkout the first FIENDISH NFT PFP on the Distrokid website by following the link below.

When Tony bought the NFT PFP, FIENDISH via Waxplant Records, was paid 80% of the sale fee, a royalty from the initial sale & will be awarded 10% of all future sales!

'Sellouts' is a brilliant initiative on the part of Distrokid which aids artists & creators in dipping their toe into the exciting world of NFT projects + supports them financially too! Again Props to Distrokid.

Future owners / collectors perks

Future owners of FIENDISH NFT Sellouts PFP #7900 will instantly get a set of perks courtesy of FIENDISH, Fiendish Studio & Waxplant Records!

(Tony will also be offered the same set of FIENDISH perks!)

They are as follows..

FIENDISH x Distrokid Sellouts NFT owner perks

A years membership to FIENDISH TROOP

High Quality MP3 Downloads of FIENDISH Discography > Phonograffiti X & XX, Fantastic 4, The Mission & future releases
Waxplant Records Sticker
Lifetime appreciation
Shoutouts on & all FIENDISH social platforms

Buy FIENDISH x Distrokid Sellouts PFP NFT #9700 on Nifty Gateway!

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