Fiendish Troop

Join the Fiendish Troop!

Be part of a special group created
for Fiendish super friends!

As a member of ‘the Troop’
you’ll get an all access pass to
the whole of
featuring hidden music, videos, images
& more along with a monthly discount code
to use at Fiendish shop.

You’ll also get to hear new Fiendish music releases
a week before their official release!

Much more Fiendish goodness just for ‘the Troop’
planned for 2021 & beyond!

To sign up using the popular, safe & secure
system by memberful just add your details here!

Join Fiendish Troop!

All new Fiendish Troop members get a free
high quality MP3 download of ‘Phonograffiti X’ 
+ a £1 off at Fiendish Shop discount code!



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