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Lets kick things off with the first Fiendish compilation album.
‘Phonograffiti X’.

Released in March 2018 ‘Phonograffiti X’ or ‘PGX’
has 10 Fiendish favourites from the year 2000
(the first year of Fiendish recordings) to 2010.

Highlights include ‘Darkplace (2000)
the second Fiendish track ever recorded.
Elevation (2003) a particular Fiendish favourite.
Plus the raw, exciting ‘Rush Hour’ (2010).

This is the version of PGX was remastered in 2018
at Fiendish Studio Listen now on Apple Music!

You can buy a High quality MP3 download of ‘PGX’
& name your price (minimum £5)
through the Fiendish Bandcamp player below!

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